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Welcome to the Web Site of author L. Todd Wood.  Todd has received many fantastic reviews for his historical fiction and economic thriller, Currency.   An incredible story of power, romance, revenge and international finance spanning three centuries. The issues could not be more timely!  Currency now has readers in 35 countries!  

His second novel,
Sugar, deals with energy and government corruption and has also enjoyed fantastic reviews.  His third novel, Delta, is a thrill ride through ancient Russia and Ukraine-another topical subject don't you think? The reviews speak for themselves!  Pull up a comfortable chair and enjoy experiencing Todd's writing.
Todd's fourth novel, Motherland, is now available for Pre-order!
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Todd Wood’s economic thriller, “Currency,” spans three centuries and includes tales of pirates and America’s early leaders. “Currency” kept me curious until the very end. A unique page-turner. —Bill Gertz, senior editor, The Washington Free Beacon.

BTW, you are one terrific thriller author.  I say that as a lifelong thriller junkie, for whatever that's worth!
Tampa Bay, FL

"Mr. Wood is not up-and-coming, he has arrived!" 
Topeka, KS

 "Currency combines history, finance, romance and action into a timely and entertaining read on a subject that has serious economic and national security implications.  My wife and I both enjoyed reading it."

Hon. David M. Walker
Former U.S Comptroller General
Founder and CEO of Comeback America Initiative

I have 4 other books that are in various stages of being finished but once I picked this one up it grabbed me and I ignored the others until I finished.

A must read that offers suspense, intrigue and that feeling of just not wanting to stop reading it once you have started. Excellent first novel Mr. Wood looking forward to your next. 

A great read. A copy should be sent to the President and every congressman.  It is so current with what is going on in this country and problems we are experiencing.

Savannah, GA

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